• " The school achieved GCSE results in the top 25% of similar schools in 2017 and 2018."
  • "In lessons and around the school, many pupils are courteous and polite. They engage well in their learning and work suitably in groups and pairs. " - Estyn 2018
  • " High standards of teaching from staff and excellent learning from students, alongside the proactive encouragement of parents, have all contributed to the school's recent success. " - IQM Inspection 2018
  • " In 2018 the school was awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark Award - Centre of Excellence for the second time. This reflects the school's commitment to including all learners. "
  • " The school has a successful Sixth Form in which learners are achieving results in the top 25% of schools in Wales. "
  • " I just wanted to say a huge thanks to your wonderful staff for all the support they have provided for my son and myself over his first year at high school. " - Year Seven Parent - July 2018
  • " The extra curricular activities that are offered via the Engage@Emrys programme are the best in the area. " Year Seven Parent - July 2018







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan
   E X T R A   C H A L L E N G E S   



Have you got what it takes to earn a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title?

Please see here for more information:  https://ttrockstars.com/page/gwr

Learn how to type like a pro at Typingclub.com.


Just click ‘Get Started’ and change the flag to the United Kingdom.



The Marvel Spiderman artist teaching children to draw

 Irish artist Will Sliney is keeping thousands of kids entertained with daily drawing challenges.


An artist at Marvel comics best known for his work on Spiderman and Star Wars and now an online drawing teacher for thousands of children. Join him on his YouTube channel:  





Climb Snowdon From Home

Height: 1085m 

Ascent: 922m

Stairs to the top: 4610
Stairs from sea level: 1302


How many steps? - You’ve picked your challenge, now here’s how to calculate how many steps you need to climb!

•  Measure your stairs   

•  Start by measuring the height of one step (in my house they are 19 cm)

•  Then count the number of steps in your home (I have 13 steps)

•  Multiply the height of step by the number of steps (19 x 13 = 247)

•  Calculate the steps

•  Now turn the height you are climbing from metres (m) into centimetres (cm)

•  Snowdon is 1,085 m is 108,500 cm

•  And the final calculation is the height in cm (108,500) divided by the height of your stairs (247 cm)

•  Snowdon stair reps – 108500 / 247 = 439.27 (So rounded up 440 reps)

•  Take your time •Warm up with stretches/exercise.

•  How to keep count of your steps

•  Use a counter app on your phone (I did this)

•  Make a tally chart at the top of your stairs

•  Don’t take risks

•  Take your time, split the challenge up across the week and think about what to wear on your feet so that you don’t slip.

•  Don’t stop at the end of your hike

•  Get your tents out and set up a wild camp in your garden or house, whatever works for you and let the adventure continue!

•  The important thing is to have fun.


BBC Bitesize – Mental Health Awareness Week  -   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhkybdm

In a socially distant world it is easy to feel a bit lonely.

But by doing something nice for those around you, you can brighten up their day - and yours!
With everything that’s going on right now, it can be hard to see how you can make a difference. But you can!


Seven days of kindness

•  Day 1: Make a cup of tea for someone in your family Just remember to ask them how milky they like it and whether they take sugar.

•  Day 2: Send someone you haven’t seen in ages a letter or a postcard. If you’re feeling creative, why not personalise the postcard with your own handmade design? It could be a happy memory of something you did together.

•  Day 3: Donate food or clothes to people in need. As recycling centres start to reopen in some areas, it will be easier for you to donate good quality clothes. Please don’t leave bags outside closed charity shops.

•  Day 4: Bake a cake or some biscuits to cheer someone up. As well as getting to eat some delicious food, you might find the baking itself quite calming. Just remember to switch the oven on. We’ve all made that mistake before…

•  Day 5: Ask your parents for a chore that would really help them out. They’ll really appreciate that you’re thinking about how to make their lives a little easier at a stressful time.

•  Day 6: Video call someone you know is feeling a bit lonely. If you feel awkward just video calling someone for a chat, why not turn it into a game of some kind? Or read a book together?

•  Day 7: Be kind to yourself and spend some time on you. Being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others. Do things that you enjoy doing and that you know help you to feel calm and relaxed.



Take on Total Darkness...  As part of our mission to inspire the next generation of scientists, inventors and engineers the Science Museum Group have launched an exciting new online game, Total Darkness.



   PiXL      KS3 Activities you can do from homeAim for 100 points a day.
Disney animator - Michael Woodside. Learn how to draw Disney characters. A daily drawing class. 'While we are locked up for Social Distancing, let's gather together and learn how to draw classic characters!' Don't forget to send your art work in to share with us.



The James Dyson Foundation - Challenge. Take on these Science and Engineering challenges at home by downloading the Dyson Challenge Cards. Have fun and don't forget to send in your photos. 



Author JK Rowling has launched an online Harry Potter hub to keep kids educated and entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. Take Quizzes and tackle puzzles, learn how to create invisible ink or recreate the marauder's map.



Art Challenge - Share photos of your rainbows of hope art work with us and spread some joy! 

Duolingo  - learn a new language by taking on these daily challenges.



Shape My Street Competition - Cardiff University. Take on the challenge of designing your own home. Your work could feature in a book produced by Cardiff University.



Complete the 2020 Covid 19 time capsule booklet.


  My Covid 19 Time Capsule

PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube - Week days at 9.00am - you can visit any time to view the workout.




Widlife with Steve Backshall on Facebook - Everyday at 9.30am - answering all your wildlife, biology, conservation, geography and exploration questions.




Science with Maddie Moate on YouTube - Weekdays at 11.00am chatting about science and nature.




Dance with Oti Mabuse on Facebook - Everyday at 11.30am - you can view the class at any time.




Maths with Carol Vorderman - Free access to Carol’s maths website.




Music with Myleene Klass on YouTube - Twice a week at 10.00am - but you can view at any time.




Storytime with David Walliams - Free story everyday at 11.00am on his website.