• " The school achieved GCSE results in the top 25% of similar schools in 2017 and 2018."
  • "In lessons and around the school, many pupils are courteous and polite. They engage well in their learning and work suitably in groups and pairs. " - Estyn 2018
  • " High standards of teaching from staff and excellent learning from students, alongside the proactive encouragement of parents, have all contributed to the school's recent success. " - IQM Inspection 2018
  • " In 2018 the school was awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark Award - Centre of Excellence for the second time. This reflects the school's commitment to including all learners. "
  • " The school has a successful Sixth Form in which learners are achieving results in the top 25% of schools in Wales. "
  • " I just wanted to say a huge thanks to your wonderful staff for all the support they have provided for my son and myself over his first year at high school. " - Year Seven Parent - July 2018
  • " The extra curricular activities that are offered via the Engage@Emrys programme are the best in the area. " Year Seven Parent - July 2018







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan


                           SMHW                      UCAS                      MOOC                         Hwb                 LINC Courses                      Year 12 Remote Learning & Materials



  YEAR 12       YEAR 13  


02 July 2020



It was good to see some of you back in school on Monday.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of you next week.  I did a presentation about the UCAS application process for those learners in school and I will be repeating it every Monday.  The Power Point of the presentation can be found in the Year 13 After Emrys section of the website.


A number of you have already attended some of the virtual open days that are being held by universities.  UCAS are also hosting a series of virtual exhibitions, designed to help you explore your options from home.



UCAS virtual exhibition – 15 October deadline, veterinary, medicine, and dentistry


Thursday 23 July 2020     07:00 - 23:00


You can register here: ucas.com/vet-med



This online event means you can explore courses at up to 40 universities and colleges around the UK. It’s perfect for anyone considering applying to medicine, veterinary, or dentistry courses. 

You will have chance to speak directly to subject and admissions specialists via 1-2-1 or group chat, listen in on topical seminars, and pick up digital prospectus’ and other information. 

You need to register early to make sure you don’t miss out. You will be sent reminders and top tips to get the most out of the experience. After the event, you’ll have on-demand access to the exhibition for two weeks, allowing you to go back in and contact uni reps, collect more resources, and re-watch seminars. 

UCAS will be launching more virtual exhibitions in different subject areas soon.  If you have any questions, please get in touch at events@ucas.ac.uk.


Hope you are all well,

Mr Seymour




  YEAR 12  


26 June 2020


Letter to parents/carers and Year 12 learners to outline the arrangements and measures that we have put in place for your return on Monday 29th June 2020. Please see the link to the letter:


Year 12 - Back to school Letter (26 June 2020)




  YEAR 13  


09 June 2020



Hope you are all well,

Careers Wales have issued a survey for current Year 13 learners.  Please could you complete the survey? The link is below.  It is so Careers Wales can determine what Careers Support you need and how you have been impacted by Covid-19. They are offering a range of services and are keen to support you with your next steps.




Stay Safe,

Mr Seymour




  YEAR 11       YEAR 12       YEAR 13  


20 May 2020



Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather we are currently experiencing.  Oxford and Cambridge University have been working together to produce some resources for learners in Years 11, 12 and 13.


Key Stage 4 (Year 11) 

  • Meta-Cognitive Learning Strategies, A PowerPoint file with audio to be downloaded. This is really useful for learners about to join sixth form to help develop the skills needed in Year 12 and 13.
  • Subject Matters: A-Levels, Degrees, Careers, A PowerPoint file with audio to be downloaded. Again, really useful to help choose subjects for sixth form and to start thinking about your future pathways post-18.


Key Stage 5 (Year 12-13) 


Hope you find these useful.

Keep safe,

Mr Seymour




  YEAR 11       YEAR 13  


18 May 2020



Hope you are all keeping well.  The following initiative has been forwarded by Martin Pollard, Chief Executive of the The Learned Society of Wales.  


They have just launched its Lockdown Learner Challenge – a great opportunity for Year 11 and 13 students to show off their creativity, knowledge and thinking skills. As detailed below, there are cash prizes for the best entries.  The closing date for entries is 30th June 2020.


Looking for a challenge? Interested in winning £300? If you were due to sit your GCSEs or A Level exams this summer, then you can take part in the Lockdown Learner Challenge.


The Learned Society of Wales is challenging year 11 and year 13 students in Wales to create an ‘explainer’ on a topic they will be studying in sixth form, college or university later this year.


There are several prizes available in both age categories; each entrant will also receive a certificate. The first prize in each category is £300; runners up will receive £150.


Explainers can cover just about anything, but here are some examples:

  • looking for solutions to the climate change crisis
  • uncovering more about the cultures, religions, histories and heritage of Wales
  • investigating quantum theory or another aspect of physics
  • learning about the experiences of different communities through literature, visual arts and music,
  • exploring the world in geography
  • analysing reliability and bias in journalism on important issues
  • understanding more about our world today through history

Closing date: 30 June 2020


To learn more about the challenge please see www.learnedsociety.wales/lockdownlearnerchallenge




   YEAR 11       YEAR 12       YEAR 13  


18 May 2020


There is also an upcoming webinar for students aged 15-18 who are thinking about applying to medical school. Dr Diviney will be talking about 'work experience' and what students can do whilst on lockdown. There will also be approximately 20 minutes for interactive Q&A towards the end.  You can register for the webinar here - 






  YEAR 12  


12 May 2020



If you are interested in computing then you may like to have a go at the challenges offered by Technocamps.  The link is here https://www.technocamps.com/en/resources/programming-challenges-activity-pack.

Also, the Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences have now uploaded several webinars on their site –



The University has also established two newsletters for 16 - 18 year old students on either Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or the Arts and Humanities. The link to the sign up form is here: http://eepurl.com/gYfuOj


For the Open Days in July, the University will be recording several talks and hosting them online. As a College they hope to record some Q&A sessions with current students and staff answering questions from those who would have liked to have come to visit the College; these will be uploaded to the website for everyone to view. They are also looking at filming a college tour but that is a work in progress still.  Keep checking back for updates.


Please keep looking at Show My Homework to complete the work set by subject teachers.  The level of engagement from Year 12 so far has been really good.  A number of subjects are also running online lessons via Teams.  Log onto HwB to access this.  Any problems doing so feel free to let us know and we’ll get back to you.

Stay safe,


Mr Seymour




  YEAR 11  


01 May 2020


Post-16 Choices

Hope you are well.  Please could you complete the Post-16 Option Choices survey regarding your intentions for next year.  Please have a look at the 16+ prospectus and the LINC Conwy prospectus (links below) to help you choose your subjects for next year.  If you are not intending to return to sixth form please fill the form out so we are aware of your plans for next year. 


Please complete the form by Friday 8th May.  It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at staff.jps@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk


Stay safe,

Mr Seymour, Pastoral Leader, Key Stage 5


    Post-16 Options Choices Final Survey    



                                                                      16+  Prospectus                        Post 16 - Linc Conwy




  YEAR 12  


28 April 2020


The work for the LINC subjects for Year 12 learners has now been updated.  Please click on the LINC tab at the top of this page and have a look at the document titled 'v4 Summary LINC Conwy Continuity of Learning document'.  Each subject has provided a continuation of learning together with contact details of the teacher/ tutor. This is an update on the work provided before Easter.  Any questions feel free to get in touch.


The Mullany e-mentoring team have also been in touch.  They will be running their summer session of Mullany e-Mentoring from 11th May – 3rd July. Whilst still designed to support students in Year 9 – 13 to explore the myriad opportunities open to them within life science and science careers, the content of the weekly themes of support has been adapted to include structured advice and guidance specifically in relation to the Covid-19 restrictions. This will include support with: home study; managing wellbeing in the current situation; and advice around new assessment procedures.


Additionally Year 12 students will benefit from themes specifically designed to provide invaluable information around preparing for UCAS applications in September and how to deal with the Corona-related challenges such as not being able to secure required work experience for professional courses.


If you would like to take part in this session you will need to be registered by the end of day on 4th May for this entirely free service and can do so from here:  themullanyfund.org/en/students/registration/


There is also a link to a two-minute clip outlining the mentoring programme, this can be found here:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=j--U8V72X04


Keep safe,

Mr Seymour




  YEAR 12  


24 April 2020


Head Boy and Girl

We are now advertising for the role of Head Boy and Girl.  Please see the information regarding the roles below.  Any questions let me know.


Thanks, Mr Seymour


Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Head Boy and Girl 2020/2021


Applications are invited for the above positions.  The main responsibilities of the post are;


  • 1) To jointly chair the School Council and lead the Sixth Form Council. You will make sure that student voice is represented in key decisions and developments within the school
  • 2) To serve on the School Governing Body as Learner Governors and to be prepared to participate in interview activities for new members of staff
  • 3) To represent the school and student body at a variety of public functions during the year, including prospective parents’ evenings for Years 7 and 12 and Awards Evening
  • 4) Organisation of guides for Open Evenings
  • 5) Coordinate the learner leadership activities
  • 6) To assist in the organisation and delivery of Key Stage 5 transition activities
  • 7) To assist in the organisation of social events in the sixth form, including the organisation of the leavers ball
  • 8) Be a role model for younger learners
  • 9) Lead the team of prefects, assigning responsibilities
  • 10) To respond to needs of school and staff as they arise, liaising with the Head of Sixth Form and Senior Staff

The positions are open to all learners who wish to apply.  Application is by letter to Mr Seymour (no more than one side of A4) explaining why you are the ideal candidate for the post.  A shortlist will then be drawn up and candidates will be interviewed.  A learner’s previous attainment and conduct will also be taken into account.


The closing date for applications is Friday 8th May.  Interviews for the role will be conducted remotely.  This role would be a fantastic addition to put on any job, college or university application.




  YEAR 12  


23 April 2020



Hope you are all keeping well.  The purpose of this blog is to try to keep in touch with you and keep you updated with regards to the issues that will affect you directly.  I will update it as I get more information.  If there are any specific questions you have that have not been answered then please feel free to contact me via at staff.jps@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk.


As you are no doubt aware, the AS Level exams due to take place this year have been cancelled.  You will have the opportunity to take the AS exams as well as the A2 exams next year or just the A2 exams.  This is a decision that should be taken following a discussion between your subject teacher and yourself next year and is not something you need to worry about.


Coursework should still be completed where required and your subject staff should be supporting you in the completion of this via ShowMyHomework.  If you need your login details for this, please feel free to contact me.


We have decided that this would be a good time for you to start on you Individual Project for your Skills Challenge qualification.  The guidance for this will be shared on ShowMyHomework and you will be able to contact your Skills Challenge teachers for feedback and support via e-mail.


In addition to your subject work there are few other things you could be doing.  Over the coming days we will be adding some Project Futures worksheets to the website.  These will help you develop various skills including Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. 


You could also try signing up for and completing a MOOC.  These are Massive Open Online Courses written by the world’s top universities and organisations. These MOOCs are free of charge and, on average, take 2-3 hours per week over 4-6 weeks. MOOCs are an excellent addition to any future application you may make for university or employment as they give you a chance to fully explore a subject or area of interest.  I will put up some links to websites that offer these on the school website.  If you have a particular university in mind that you are thinking of applying to then it would be worth looking at their website to see if they offer any courses that you would be interested in.  Even if you don’t go to that University it would be an excellent way to enhance your application.


A number of you have already asked about applying for University and what’s happening with regards to University Open Days.  Obviously, given the current situation, all university open days have currently been cancelled.  However many, if not all universities are offering virtual open days as well as free lectures and presentations.  Have a look at some of the universities you may be interested in to see what they offer.  UCAS.com is a good place to start.  In terms of applying for university you’ll be able to register and start your UCAS Undergraduate application in Apply 2021 from 19 May, but you won’t be able to send it to UCAS until 8 September.  I will post more guidance on this nearer to the time.


I appreciate that this is a long post.  In summary;

  1. Use ShowMyHomework to complete subject work
  2. Make a start on your Individual Project for your skills challenge work
  3. Keep checking the website and complete some of the tasks from the Project Futures worksheets
  4. Register for and complete a MOOC in an area that interests you
  5. Use UCAS.com to search for courses and universities that you may wish to apply for. Visit the individual university websites to see what online/lectures that they offer.


Hope you are well.  Stay safe and hope to see you all soon.


Mr. Seymour


Year 13 - After Emrys Sixth




Year 11 Learning Materials