• " BEST GCSE RESULTS EVER IN 2014… beaten every school record on every indicator."
  • " More learners than ever achieving above average levels at the end of Year Nine."
  • " Learning experiences and extra-curricular activities promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well." Estyn 2013
  • " There is an extensive range of supportive interventions to provide high quality support for vulnerable pupils." Estyn 2013
  • " Dare to Achieve @ Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form. Excellent facilities and a great range of courses."







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
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Useful Information and services

Canolfan Dewi Sant Pensarn

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Hesketh House, Bridge Street
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Abergele Council

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Abergele Library

Market Street
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Chester Avenue Community House

57 Cynlas

Off Chester Avenue

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Parental Engagement

Recent Events

Many thanks to all of the parents and carers who recently attended our Family Learning Course: E-safety. Please look on the parents’ section of the school website for details of more courses.

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) is an exciting national award that Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan is working towards in order for us to improve our strategies to involve parents and carers more fully in every child’s learning experience.

The LPPA offers long term benefits such as improved pupil attendance and behaviour and increased parental involvement and support. We hope to continue to improve communication between school and home and nurture the child/parent relationships by highlighting the benefits of adult learning and the positive impact this can have on a child’s education. This is a challenging but rewarding venture.

The benefits for children are:

  • It is easier for a child to learn when they get encouragement at home.
  • They will do better and achieve more when their parents or carers are involved.
  • Children get access to more activities in and out of school when there are more adults to help.
  • Their concerns can be sorted out more quickly when parents and carers have a positive relationship with school staff.
  • They are happier when their parents or other family members get involved in the school, it:
    • Shows them that you are interested in what the school, is doing.
    • Allows them to see that you value what they are learning.
    • Gives them a sense of security.
    • Helps them to learn about good citizenship from your example.

The benefits for parents and carers are:

  • Your children do better when you are involved.
  • You are better able to help and encourage your children.
  • Parents can build their own confidence and skills.
  • You get to know the teachers and other parents.
  • You also gain a better understanding of how the school works.
  • Get to see how your child relates to other children and their teachers.
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a contribution to the school and your child’s learning.

If you have any suggestions for how parents and carers can be involved more fully in their learning experiences, please get in touch: info@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk

For more information about the LPPA please follow the link below:



Over the course of the year we hope that you have noticed a number of opportunities for parents and carers to get involved in the life of the school. As we informed you at the start of the year we are working towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The LPPA provides a challenging framework to enable schools to strengthen their partnership with parents and carers.

Please keep an eye on the school website, especially the parents section. It is in this section that we will keep you informed of developments, including adult learning opportunities that will start in the Autumn term. All letters are available on the school website, also you have access to our school policies and helpful guidance on how to support your child’s learning. You will also find feedback about events that parents have attended and how we will act upon this information. Having asked parents for their feedback we will be making the following changes to the parent’s evenings from September onwards: 

  • Refreshments will be made available in the restaurant 
  • We are also working on improving the parents’ evening booking procedures in order to decrease waiting time to see teachers.

We are always looking for parents to share their views on particular topics throughout the year. If you are interested please contact info@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk or let your child’s head of year know.