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Creative writing from Young People’s Laureate of Wales

Raps about US presidential hopeful Donald Trump  have been created by learners with Martin Daws, the former Young People’s Poet Laureate of Wales.

The Bethesda-based performance poet has headed to the classroom at Ysgol Emrys ap Ewan for after-school creative writing classes, which covers rap to poetry.

The idea stemmed from a Venue Cymru project called, Where The Poetry Is At, said former DJ Martin.

“Writing and expressing views and thoughts through the written word is an important and enjoyable skill,” said Martin, who stepped down from the role of Young People’s Poet Laureate of Wales in April, after three years in the post.

“In the same away that everyone has a unique fingerprint they also have a unique story to tell. By helping develop good writing techniques and making literacy fun, relevant and accessible we are helping young people tell their own stories.

“I’m very impressed with the creative attitude and ability of students at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan. There is real knowledge and ability here.”

He added: “I’m holding outreach creative writing sessions at after school clubs at a number of schools throughout Conwy.

“I’m going to run sessions here at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan and then the clubs will continue in my absence so I can set up more clubs at other schools but I would still have an input, albeit remotely.

“I would still set projects and read them through. If the creative writing club is successful then I will visit once a month to work with pupils and set projects. It’s about school creative writing clubs becoming self sustaining.”

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan learners Declan Nichols and Harry Gingell joined the after school creative writing club as it offered them the chance to work with Martin.

Declan said: “We have previously worked with Martin during school time writing poetry, which we performed at Theatr Colwyn, and really enjoyed it.

“I enjoy working with words and writing and writing a rap about Donald Trump has been fun.”

Harry added: “I like writing stories, raps and poems. I hope the sessions continue as I enjoy working with Martin especially writing raps.

“It’s good fun making raps, playing with words and using language. I really enjoyed writing a rap about Donald Trump and the race to become the President of America.”

Religious education teacher, Lisa Kelly-Roberts, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan head of Year 8, said: “I arranged for Martin to come into school and work with learners last year and he was superb.

“I contacted him to see what else was possible and whether we could get him back into school. He came up with the Where The Poetry Is At project and agreed to come into school and start an after school club.

“We will hopefully see the club grow and go from strength to strength thanks to Martin’s work.

“Literacy is something we are concentrating on as a school, our biggest focus is on the reading and writing skills of our learners.”