• " I liked drama, D&T and meeting new friends. I'm also looking forward to the science lessons."
  • " Emrys is a great place, I can't wait for all the exciting activities we will be doing."
  • " I enjoyed the transition days, we did lots of fun learning activities. I'm looking forward to moving around to different lessons."
  • " I love the fact that we are encouraged to be more independent in secondary school."
  • " Dare to Achieve @ Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form. Excellent facilities and a great range of courses."







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
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Success at GCSE


A teenager who spent his lunch-times breaking bones for science experiments has scooped top marks in his GCSE exams.

Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan learner Alex Dry picked up six A*  grades and four As and now plans to study for his A levels, before heading to university.

Alex, who has ambitions on becoming a surgeon, said: “I’m pleased with the results, and I’m looking forward to starting my sixth form studies. My plan is to study medicine and eventually become a surgeon.”

Lucy Humphreys scored two A*s, five As and three Bs and will join the school’s sixth form to study history, English literature and art,

She said: “I am really pleased and looking forward to my A level studies and eventually going to university. I am still unsure yet about what I want to do as a career.”

Annie-Rose Williams scored two As, four Bs and three Cs and says she is delighted with her results.

Also moving onto college will be Lauren Cole who has ambitions to study medicine.

Ebony Davies was pleased with her two As, four Bs and three Cs and will also move onto college to study graphic design.

Sarah Peterson received eight As and two Bs.

Laura Gough says she did better than expected after finding out she had got five Cs and a B.

Megan Gizzi picked up her results with her mum Michelle Chan and said she was thrilled with her three As and seven Bs.

Nikita Thomas scored five As, four Bs and a C and is now planning on studying English literature, creative writing and physiology at A Level.




Headteacher Lee Cummins described the results as “outstanding”, with all learners gaining at least five GCSE passes.

He said: “This is a fantastic set of results and is a huge success for everyone. I am particularly pleased that 100 per cent of learners have achieved five GCSE passes. 

“The results are an improvement on previous years, and build on the school’s excellent A level results from last week, which again had a 100 per cent pass rate.

“I am delighted with the increasing success of our learners to achieve such good GCSE results. This is very good news for our learners and everyone associated with the school. Learners of all abilities have achieved the results they deserve through hard work and commitment.”

He added:  “I would like to thank the staff and parents for their hard work in ensuring students are able to confidently move on to the next stage of their learning journey. They have all clearly risen to the challenge of ‘daring to achieve’ at Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan.”