• " I liked drama, D&T and meeting new friends. I'm also looking forward to the science lessons."
  • " Emrys is a great place, I can't wait for all the exciting activities we will be doing."
  • " I enjoyed the transition days, we did lots of fun learning activities. I'm looking forward to moving around to different lessons."
  • " I love the fact that we are encouraged to be more independent in secondary school."
  • " Dare to Achieve @ Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form. Excellent facilities and a great range of courses."







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
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How important is the school diary and organiser?

This is an excellent method of communication.  Please check this regularly for messages from staff and use it to send messages to us about your child.  You should sign it weekly.

What other school publications exist?

The following publications are available from the school office or here on the website:

• The Prospectus  -  issued to all new learners.

• 14+ Booklet  -  issued in Year 9 for GCSE option choices.

• Sixth Form Prospectus  -  issued in Year 11 for A level/GNVQ choices.

What letters am I likely to receive from school?

Standard letters about events, parents’ evenings etc are usually delivered by your child.  You may also receive a letter about his/her work or behaviour.  Many letters have a tear-off slip to be returned to school.

How often will I receive reports on my child’s work?

We produce formal, detailed reports on your child’s school work once a year.  Progress reports will also be sent out during the year.

When are Parents’ Evenings held?

At least once a year.  These evenings are held from 3.45 - 6.30pm and you will be given appointment times to see each of your child’s teachers.  Additional information meetings are held in at key points to inform parents about such issues as exam preparation and subject choice - for example when learners need to make choices concerning GCSE subjects.  These meetings will usually start at 7.00pm.

What other opportunities are there to meet staff?

It is important that problems of any kind are sorted out as quickly as possible.  If we are concerned about your child, we will invite you in to discuss the problem.  If you are concerned, please make an appointment to see us.

How do I arrange to see a teacher about my child?

Should you wish to discuss any problems experienced by your child, you are welcome to come into school.  In cases of genuine emergency call in at any time, but whenever possible we ask that you make an appointment first.

Are staff always available?

As staff have a teaching commitment, it is not always possible to see parents who arrive in school without an appointment so you may have to wait, but there will always be a senior member of staff available to talk to you.

Whom should I see when I come into school?

If in doubt, explain your problem to the receptionist who will advise you.  However, the first person to contact will usually be the Pastoral Leader for your child’s year group (Head of Year).

Our Governors

Who are the Governors?

The governing body of our school includes representatives of parents, local government, the local community and teaching staff.  You will have the chance to vote for parent-governors and may stand for election yourself (details of any elections will be sent to you).

Do I have the opportunity to talk to the governors?

Yes.  Governors can be contacted at any time and will be pleased to deal with your concerns.  Contact details are available via the school.  In addition, governor representatives are available at Parents’ Meetings should you wish to discuss any issues.

Complaints Procedures

We hope good communication will resolve any problems.  However, should issues remain unresolved, you have the right to make a formal complaint to the Governors.  Details of these procedures are available from the school office.