• " BEST GCSE RESULTS EVER IN 2014… beaten every school record on every indicator."
  • " More learners than ever achieving above average levels at the end of Year Nine."
  • " Learning experiences and extra-curricular activities promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well." Estyn 2013
  • " There is an extensive range of supportive interventions to provide high quality support for vulnerable pupils." Estyn 2013
  • " Dare to Achieve @ Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form. Excellent facilities and a great range of courses."







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
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Work out your Grade

    Learner working grades out

Wbac Qualification Presentation

   Year 12 and 13  Wbac 2016

Skills Challenge Certificate

   Presentation (Dec 2016)

Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate, Advanced - KS5

The revised and more rigorous Welsh Baccalaureate is based on a Skills Challenge Certificate, which will be graded, and Supporting Qualifications.

The primary aim is to enable learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in essential and employability skills: Communication, Numeracy, Digital Literacy, Planning and Organisation, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Personal Effectiveness.

The emphasis is on applied and purposeful learning and to provide opportunities for assessment in a range of real life context through three Challenge Briefs and an Individual Project.

Following the WBac course our learners enjoy various activities for example, visits, guest speakers presentations, team organised events, community projects, enterprise week, enrichment challenge completion days and more.

2016 100% pass rate – WBac Advanced

Actual learner grades being 15 A’s, 21 B’s, 23 C’s.


Mrs E Morris – Key Stage 5 Wbac and Skills Co-Ordinator.